UCL Doctorate In Clinical Psychology


Research projects needing participants

Invitation to take part in our research

Clinical psychologists in our department are carrying out a lot of clinically relevant research. This is conducted either by our staff members or by doctoral students working under their supervision.

We often seek members of the public, and UCL students and staff, to participate in our studies. We are usually looking for two types of participants:

1. People who are experiencing the psychological problem that is the topic of the study, or sometimes their relatives or carers.

2. Healthy volunteers, who are not experiencing any significant psychological problems.

All of our research studies have been approved by the appropriate research ethics committee.

Current studies

The following studies are recruiting participants:

1. Family members' experiences of supporting a relative with bipolar disorder. The researcher is looking for close family members of a person with bipolar disorder, including spouses, partners, adult children, parents and siblings. Participants will be asked to meet for an interview to discuss their experiences. For more details email ella.baruch.14@ucl.ac.uk. (Posted 28 October 2015)

2. The effects of an online intervention for promoting isometric exercise in smokers. The researcher is seeking individuals aged 18+ who smoke five or more cigarettes per day. Participants will complete online questionnaires, and watch a brief video to learn a body-focused strategy which should be used to respond to cravings for 24 hours. To participate, visit: https://uclpsych.eu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_1R0xIvFdrrmXt6l or email smokingresearchproject@gmail.com. (Posted 7 December 2015)

3. Overcoming Perfectionism - An online guided self-help program. Do people call you a perfectionist? Does your perfectionism make life difficult or stressful? Adults aged 18+ can complete a free online guided self-help program to be more flexible and free without lowering standards. You will be asked to do the program within 12 weeks and complete follow-up measures. For more information go to www.overcomingperfectionism.co.uk or email ich.overcomingperfectionism@ucl.ac.uk. (Posted 13 January 2016)

4. Women's experience of talking (and not talking) to friends and family about their miscarriage. The researcher is looking for women over the age of 21 who have experienced a first trimester miscarriage in the last 2 years. Participants will be asked to meet for an interview about their experiences. Email: alice.elfer.14@ucl.ac.uk. (Posted 3 February 2016)