UCL Doctorate In Clinical Psychology



Overview of Curriculum

This document gives a detailed overview of the DClinPsy curriculum and is intended for general information and reference.

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For information regarding how the curriculum is translated into the actual teaching programme please see the Timetable pages. More detailed information on individual teaching units and lectures should be obtained from the Teaching Programme Adminsitrator Leah Markwick: l.markwick@ucl.ac.uk.

Organisation of Academic Programme

To reflect its modular structure, the teaching programme is organised into a set of units and sub-units. For details of units and their organisers click here.

Queries relating to specific units should be directed to the respective unit organiser in the first instance. Queries relating to more general issues should be addressed to the Academic Director, Miriam Fornells-Ambrojo, email: miriam.fornells-ambrojo@ucl.ac.uk