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March Conference

March Conference 2013

Challenging Stigma

Friday 22nd March 2013


As clinical psychologists we are fully aware that others' negative attitudes and discrimination often have a profound effect on the people we work with.  Rarely though do clinical psychologists become involved in efforst to tackle stigmas and discrimination associated with mental health problems, disability or other factors.  Furthermore, clinical psychologists are part of a society in which the stigma associated with some conditions has been challenged over recent times, e.g. mental health stigma, while the stigma associated with other circumstances or life choices, such as teenage parenthood, is rarely questioned.  This conference intends to raise awareness of stigmas across a number of areas and present work underway designed to tackle stigma.

Programme of Events


In addition to the places reserved for clinical psychology staff and trainees, we have some capacity for clinical psychologists from the Region and for other interested colleagues. Current and former external research supervisors are particularly welcome. Email Leah Markwick l.markwick@ucl.ac.uk if you would like to register.