UCL Doctorate In Clinical Psychology


Service delivery

Clinical Psychologists should be able to adapt practice to a range of organisational contexts on the basis of their understanding of pertinent organisational and cultural issues. As such they should demonstrate:

An awareness of the legislative and national planning context of service delivery and clinical practice, including relevant legislation and policy regarding the NHS and Local Authority practice 
An understanding of the organisation of the clinical unit, including formal and informal systems of decision making
An understanding of the role of the clinical psychologist across a range of settings
An ability to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams and in unidisciplinary psychology services
An understanding of the role and function of key staff and committees
An ability to take effective action within organisational context of the unit
An ability to become involved in co-ordinated activities in relation to patients and problems
An ability to tolerate frustration when not able immediately able to secure staff agreement
An ability to work in the context of service change and to demonstrate an understanding of change processes in service delivery systems

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