UCL Doctorate In Clinical Psychology


Ability to draw on and apply psychological knowledge

Clinical Psychologists are expected to draw on and apply a very broad knowledge base (for example, knowledge of psychological theories, the evidence base for effectiveness, and relevant ethical and professional codes of practice).

Competence in this area is demonstrated by the ability to generalise and synthesise this prior knowledge in order to apply it critically and creatively in different settings and novel situations. This places an emphasis on the ability to apply knowledge to a particular clinical or professional situation, whether or not it is an exact 'match' to the knowledge being applied.

Competence is also demonstrated by an ability to think critically, reflectively and evaluatively, and to make informed judgments on complex issues, often in the absence of complete information.

The ability to draw on knowledge in this way develops with experience - it is one reason why training in Clinical Psychology places an emphasis on exposing trainees to a breadth of client groups and clinical contexts,

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