UCL Doctorate In Clinical Psychology



Basic Placement Requirements

There are some requirements that are common to all placements and that all trainees/supervisors/staff should be aware of.

Days on placement/placement study

There are certain basic requirements about number of days and pattern of study leave across placement 


All trainees are expected to have a workload equivalent to 8 cases in an adult mental health setting.

Leave Arrangements

Below are details of leave arrangements for home fee and international self funded trainees:

Annual Leave Forms are downloadable from the Annual Leave Monitoring tab under Useful Forms


Health and safety/lone working

It is important that trainees are aware of health and safety/lone working guidelines:

Cultural competence

All trainees are required to be culturally competent:

Service user involvement

All trainees have to have had some meaningful contact with services user groups/representatives who have a consultative role. This needs to happen on at least two placements.

Leadership Skills

Information on developing leadership skills on placement; suggestions for trainees and supervisors:

Placement guidelines and contracts

All placements need to have a contract set up and the contract needs to be handed into the course within 4 weeks of the start date of the placement.

See detailed placement guidelines including: an overview of the competences trainees need to acquire through training; information about placement content and learning outcomes; expectations common to all placements and placement content in specific service settings 

See basic contract template with guidance on what components make up a contract 

See DCP special interest group guidelines on what a contract for a child placement should contain

See DCP special interest group guidelines on what a contract for an LD should contain

See DCP special interest group guidelines on what a contract for an OA should contain

Placement chart - current allocation for all years

This section provides access to a placement chart detailing current allocations for trainees in all years. Please note that access to this chart is restricted to trainees and staff on the UCL clinical psychology doctorate (course intranet password is required): 

Placement Schedule & Dates