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Regulating Trade in Services in the EU and WTO: Trust, Distrust and Economic Integration

17 July 2012

Dr Ioannis Lianos (Co-Editor with Okeoghene Odudu) Cambridge University Press 2012

A new book edited by Dr Ioannis Lianos has been published.

This volume is a follow-up publication for a Modern Law Review-funded conference organised by Dr Ioannis Lianos of UCL Laws and Dr Odudu at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. In addition to co-editing the publication, Dr Lianos contributes two chapters advancing a different and original theory on economic integration based on the concept of system trust. 

The volume includes contributions by leading trade lawyers, economists and political scientists from Europe and the US. The aim is to assess the viability of various theories of economic integration that take into account the legal, economic, political and social challenges of incorporating free trade with retaining the plurality of social welfare standards and consumer protection. Chapters cover the governance of trade in services at the European and global level; studies on the recent Services Directive and how this interacts with the principle of managed mutual recognition and harmonisation in different sectors of trade in services (social services, financial services); the recent case law of the European Courts on the enforcement of the principle of free movement of services and how this accommodates various national public interest concerns; and the interaction of the freedom to provide services with fundamental rights, including social rights. The operation of the principle of managed mutual recognition in other economic integration regimes, in particular in the context of the WTO, is also discussed.

Regulating Trade
Regulating Trade in Services in the EU and the WTO
Trust, Distrust and Economic Integration

Edited by: Ioannis Lianos, University College London
Edited by: Okeoghene Odudu, Emmanuel College, Cambridge
Publication date:March 2012 (514pages)