Centre for Law, Economics and Society


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The Centre for Law, Economics and Society (CLES) was established by Professor Ioannis Lianos in 2007

Its aim is to promote the study of regulatory action in all its forms (State, non-State, all forms of collective action), from a trans-disciplinary perspective, in particular drawing on law, economics, sociology and political science.

We believe that trans-disciplinarity arises only if research is based upon a common theoretical understanding and it is accompanied by a mutual interpenetration of disciplinary epistemologies. 

The ambition of the Centre is to produce knowledge on regulatory action that would be useful for both the academic community and the world of practice (government, professions, corporations, the civil society).

We seek to actively involve these communities in our various research programmes and to promote the interaction and the dialogue between them through the organization of conferences and other events, as well as the promotion of specific research initiatives.

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UCL Centre for Law, Economics and Society
UCL Faculty of Laws
Bentham House
4-8 Endsleigh Gardens