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Global Limits of Competition Law

17 July 2012

A new book edited by Dr Ioannis Lianos has been published

The Global Limits of Competition Law
Ioannis Lianos and Daniel Sokol (Co-Editors)
Stanford University Press, June 2012

This book is co-edited by Dr Ioannis Lianos (UCL Laws) and Professor Daniel Sokol (University of Florida). It is the first in the series Global Competition Law and Economics published by Stanford University Press. A second book is expected in 2012 on Competition law and Development and a third book in 2013 on Competition law and the State.

Over the last three decades, the field of antitrust law has grown increasingly prominent, and more than one hundred countries have enacted competition law statutes. As competition law expands to jurisdictions with very different economic, social, cultural, and institutional backgrounds, the debates over its usefulness have similarly evolved. This book, the first in a new series on global competition law, critically assesses the importance of competition law, its development and modern practice, and the global limits that have emerged. This volume will be a key resource to both scholars and practitioners interested in antitrust, competition law, economics, business strategy, and administrative sciences. 

For (excellent) advance reviews, a table of contents and further details please see the Stanford University press website.

Global Limits

The Global Limits of Competition Law
Edited by Ioannis Lianos and D. Daniel Sokol
published 2012
312 pp.
13 tables, 3 figures.
ISBN: 9780804774901
ISBN: 9780804782678