Centre for Law, Economics and Society


Megan Cochrane

Junior Research Fellow, Centre for Law, Economics and Society

Megan Cochrane Photo

Meg commenced working for the UCL CLES in July 2018. She has been involved in:

  • Editing the book: Regulating Blockchain: Political and Legal Challenges (P. Hacker, I. Lianos, G. Dimitropoulos & S. Eich, Oxford University Press, 2019).
  • Researching and drafting part of Chapter 21, “The Interaction of Competition, Regulation and IP Rights in Agriculture: Towards a Dynamic Equilibrium?” in The Interplay Between Competition Law and Intellectual Property: An International Perspective (G. Muscolo & M. Tavassi, Kluwer Law International, 2019).
  • Editing the report: “The Global Governance of Online Consumer Protection and E-Commerce: Building Trust”, (2019), World Economic Forum White Paper. 
  • Editing the paper: “Prolegomena to Competition Law and Policy in the Digital Era”, (Forthcoming), UCL CLES Policy Paper.
  • Drafting her own paper: "Should There Be Global Substantive Convergence of Competition Law?”, (Forthcoming), UCL Centre for Law, Economics and Society Policy Paper. 

Through her work at the UCL CLES, since February 2019, Meg has worked and continues to work with the Higher School of Economics and the BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre in Moscow as an editor. She has been involved in: 

  • Editing the book: Global Value Chains and Competition Law (I. Lianos, A. Ivanov & D. Dennis, Cambridge University Press, 2019). 
  • Editing the report: “Digital Era Competition: A BRICS View”, (Forthcoming), Report by the BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre and HSE Skolkovo Institute for Law and Development. 
  • Editing the empirical study on “Combatting Cross-Border Cartels”, (2020), Study by the BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre for the United Nations. 

Meg qualified as a barrister in London in October 2020. She completed her LL.M. in Law and Economics at University College London in 2018, having obtained her LL.B. in Law and French Law from University College London in 2017, and her Diplôme du Droit from Aix-Marseille Université in 2016. 

Meg’s particular interests include comparative competition law, intellectual property law, information and technology law and commercial law, particularly where these overlap with human rights law issues.