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Jay Matthew Strader

Senior fellow, Centre for Law, Economics and Society

Jay Matthew Strader
Jay Matthew Strader currently is a Scholarship Holder at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition in Munich, Germany, where he is writing a paper on refusals to deal and the applicability of the essential facilities doctrine in platform markets where consumers pay no explicit prices. Matthew also is preparing research for the following two projects: (1) a paper that will address tying intellectual property rights both to other IPRs and to products, and (2) a book proposal on Neoclassical Price Theory as the leading coordinating influence in Article 102 TFEU.

Matthew completed his Ph.D. in monopolization law under Professor Lianos at University College London in May 2015. He also worked on several research projects with Professor Lianos at the Skolkovo Institute in Moscow in 2016. Prior to 2010, Matthew practiced antitrust and commercial litigation for nearly six years in New York, Washington D.C., and Dallas.