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Igor Nikolic

Senior fellow, Centre for Law, Economics and Society

Photo of Dr Igor Nikolic

Dr Igor Nikolic is a Senior Fellow at UCL Centre for Law, Economics and Society. He specialises and writes in the area of the relationship between intellectual property rights and competition law, competition law and digital economy, innovation and technical standardisation. Igor completed his PhD at University College London on the topic of licensing of FRAND-committed Standard Essential Patents in the era of 5G and the Internet of Things, where he examined patent, contract and competition law issues surrounding the licensing of SEPs. Prior to that, he completed LLM studies at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands with exceptional cum laude achievement. He is also a qualified attorney at law and worked in international law firms advising clients in all areas of competition - restrictive agreements, abuses of dominant position and merger control issues. He presented at various international conferences and taught at UCL, King’s College, University of Turin and the International Labour Organisation.


  • Licensing Standard Essential Patents: FRAND and the Internet of Things manuscript under preparation


  • ‘A FRAND Regime for Dominant Digital Platforms’ (with Mathew Heim) (2019) 10 JIPITEC 38.
  • ‘Are Patent Assertion Entities a Threat to Europe?’ (2019) 6 Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice 477
  • ‘Patent Assertion Entities and Standard Essential Patents: Keep Calm and Carry On’ (2017) 4IP Council Award, available at: http://www.4ipcouncil.com/application/files/4815/1638/1030/PAE_and_SEPs_Keep_calm_and_carry_on.pdf
  • ‘Who Needs Injunctions? Alternative Remedies in Standard Essential Patents Disputes’ (2017) 12 Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 126
  • ‘Judicial Review of Antitrust Cases after KME: a New Formula of Review?’ (2012) 33 European Competition Law Review 583

Book reviews

  • Patent Assertion Entities and Competition Policy, edited by Daniel Sokol (Cambridge University Press 2017) (2018) European Competition and Regulatory Law Review 145
  • The Cambridge Handbook of Technical Standardization Law: Competition, Antitrust and Patents, edited by Jorge Contreras (Cambridge University Press 2017)’ (2018) 41 World Competition 303