Department of Greek & Latin


Study Abroad

Degree programmes in the Department of Greek and Latin are offered with the option of a year abroad at a partner university in Europe.

  • BA Classics with Year Abroad (until 2023)

  • BA Ancient World with Year Abroad (until 2023)

  • BA Classics and the Ancient World (from September 2024)



  • Years 1 and 2 are spent at UCL: students must take 45 credits of the language of country they intend to visit (30 in Year 1, 15 in Year 2) unless they can demonstrate proficiency.
  • The third year is spent at a partner university in Europe.
  • In the fourth and final year students are back at UCL.

In all other respects the structure is identical to the three-year Classics or Ancient World programme without year abroad.

  • Note that the foreign language requirement means that course choices will be more limited in years 1-2.

See the UCL course catalogue for a full description of


Partner Universities

  • For a list of current partner universities visit the Year Abroad page and select Classics and Ancient World

Year Abroad FAQs

Do any partner universities allow study in English without the foreign language requirement?

Three partner universities allow this: Jagiellonian University (Kraków), Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest), and the University of Oslo.

How do I choose courses at the partner university?

You must take courses with a value of at least 60 European Credit Transfers (ECTs), and at least half of those must be in the field of Classics or Ancient World. Students in the BA Classics must also take at least one course in Greek and in Latin.

Are the grades imported directly into my UCL degree?

The grades are not imported into your degree, but full attendance and participation is compulsory and you need to pass the courses you take.

Does UCL have any course requirements while I am abroad?

You do not need to complete academic modules at UCL, but you need to write two short reports on your progress, documenting your attendance and grades achieved so far. These are “shell units”, and are submitted via Moodle at the end of December (CLAS0144 Progress Portfolio A) and the end of May (CLAS0145 Progress Portfolio B) of the Year Abroad. They each have a nominal value of 60 credits.

Can I switch from the four-year (Year Abroad) degree to the three-year degree without year abroad? And vice-versa?

Yes, you can switch out of the Year Abroad degree programme. It is more difficult to switch into the the Year Abroad degree from the three-year programme, since all our spaces at partner universities may have been filled (it may not be possible).

Do UCL students still travel abroad under the Erasmus+ scheme?

No, the UK no longer participates in the Erasmus+ scheme. Arrangements with partner universities are bilateral agreements which have been arranged by UCL.

How do international students apply to spend time at UCL?

Every year a large number of students join us (for a year or a semester) from universities in Europe and around the world. For information see the Study Abroad at UCL website.


UCL provides a complete induction for students preparing to spend a year abroad, and provides support while students are abroad.