UCL Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering


EPICentre: An Interdisciplinary Centre for Natural Hazards Resilience

EPICentre investigates risks from natural hazards to society, the built environment and the natural environment. Our research projects adopt a range of skills for tackling complex real-world problems.


For more information on EPICentre, including people, research and resources, visit https://www.ucl.ac.uk/epicentre

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A dynamic, multidisciplinary research centre, EPICentre collaborates with the UCL Hazard Centre and UCL IRDR, whilst also having strong industrial links. A member of the Willis Research Network (WRN), EPICentre has research projects across the globe with several international partners, and the World Bank.

The Co-Directors of EPICentre are Prof Tiziana Rossetto and Prof Dina D'Ayala.

EPICentre members contribute to the following CEGE degree programmes: 

There are additionally other Master's programmes at UCL that fall within the research interests of EPICentre:

Research themes

  • Risk Representation and Behaviours in Individuals
  • Post Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction
  • Vulnerability of Cities and Infrastructure to Natural Hazards
  • Societal and Engineering Resilience
  • Heritage Conservation Engineering