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Institution of Structural Engineers

Institution of Structural Engineers

Professor Dina D'Ayala and Professor Tiziana Rossetto presented their work on the seismic retrofit for improving the resilient of existing structures at the Institution of Structural Engineers. More...

Published: Feb 23, 2018 11:12:46 AM



Professor Tiziana Rossetto is selected to appear in the 3rd Edition of “CARTADITALIA” Journal of Contemporary Italian Culture, published by the  Italian Cultural Institute of Brussels, Belgium. In this edition of the journal entitled “New frontiers of Italian Scientific Research”.  More...

Published: Feb 23, 2018 10:44:38 AM

Prof. Tiziana Rossetto is interviewed on BBC News

Published: Jan 24, 2018 5:28:43 PM

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Published: Jan 23, 2018 10:42:11 AM


EPICentre PhD student Valentina Putrino has been awarded the EEFIT Research Grant

EPICentre PhD student Valentina Putrino, with mentorship from Prof D’Ayala, has been awarded the EEFIT Research Grant for the project “Cumulative damage assessment and strengthening efficiency of masonry buildings in Norcia affected by the 2016 seismic events in Central Italy”. This is one of the two grants that EEFIT awards each year to support short-term projects that will benefit earthquake (and related hazards) disaster mitigation and post-disaster reconnaissance efforts.The project will make use of the previous findings of the October 2016 EEFIT Reconnaissance Mission in Central Italy sponsored by NERC, with the main aim of investigating the extent of cumulative damage caused by the following swarm of seismic events which struck the historic city centre of Norcia and its surroundings. More...

Published: Jan 19, 2018 12:23:17 PM

banqueting house

EPICentre helps in preserving the Rubens' ceiling canvases at Banqueting House

Published: Jan 18, 2018 11:54:07 AM


Dr Galasso awarded two international research grants

Dr Carmine Galasso has recently been awarded two collaborative, international research grants. More...

Published: Jan 18, 2018 10:10:10 AM

Safer Schools (GPSS) project

Current engagements of EPICentre in the Global Program for Safer Schools (GPSS) project of the World Bank

Prof Dina D’Ayala and Mr. Rohit Kumar Adhikari are engaged in the GPSS project since July 2016 for providing technical assistance in the structural typology classification and seismic vulnerability analysis of load bearing masonry school in the developing countries such as Nepal and El Salvador. They are travelling to Washington, D.C. to attend a week-long workgroup meetings and workshop from 22 Jan 2018 followed by a technical visit to El Salvador for monitoring the local activities in the country including field visit to selected school facilities. Immediately after, Mr. Adhikari will be travelling to the Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia to attend internal working session of the project partners to agree on the methodological approach and preliminary data analysis for the seismic risk assessment and mitigation plan for public schools El Salvador. More...

Published: Jan 17, 2018 11:08:22 AM

chen ETH Zurich

EPICentre members give invited talks at ETH Zurich

Dr Carmine Galasso and EPICentre PhD students Chen Huang and Deyu Ming have given three talks at the 'NatCat and Earthquake Modelling Workshop' (https://people.math.ethz.ch/~wueth/Talks/workshop.html)  at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland, on November 24, 2017. The workshop also included talks by representatives of Scor Reinsurance, Lloyd’s, and Swiss Re. More...

Published: Jan 17, 2018 10:52:40 AM

IRDR awarded grant

EPICentre and IRDR awarded grant for INSPIRE: Indonesia School Programme to Increase Resilience

EPICentre and UCL's Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (UCL-IRDR) have been awarded a Newton Fund Institutional Link grant for the project “INSPIRE: Indonesia School Programme to Increase Resilience”. The partnership for INSPIRE includes EPICentre, UCL-IRDR and the Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation centre (TDRMC) at Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia. The project will be led by Dr Carmine Galasso at UCL and Dr Ella Meilianda at TDMRC . More...

Published: Jan 16, 2018 3:15:47 PM