EPICentre Labs

State-of-the-Art Laboratory Facilities

EPICentre are actively involved in physical testing for increasing knowledge of the response of buildings and infrastructure to actions from natural hazards. These tests are carried out at a number of unique laboratory facilities provided by UCL in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic engineering, the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Here East, as well as by other strategic national and international partners.
The image below shows the Here East Structural Engineering test facility, which is of 1,200 kN load capacity.  This has been developed by Dr Wendel Sebastian
(w.sebastian@ucl.ac.uk) for static, dynamic and fatigue testing of large-scale, low-carbon structures. Examples include bridges made of advanced composite materials, timber-concrete composite floors, and also building floors made of cement-free concrete slabs connected to steel beams.

Image Courtesy of Dr Wendel Sebastian