About EPICentre

EPICentre is a Dynamic Multidisciplinary Research Centre that Investigates Risk to Society, the Built & Natural Environment from Natural Hazards.


Founded in 2007, EPICentre members span across UCL, and our research and teaching adopt a vast range of skills (numerical, experimental, field work, interviews, focus groups, elicitations and statistical analysis) for tackling complex real-world problems linking the built environment and natural hazards.

EPICentre is located in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering (CEGE) at UCL , and  runs an MSc in Earthquake Engineering with Disaster Management.
EPICentre has strong industrial links, and is a member of the Willis Research Network (WRN). It has research projects across the globe with several international partners and the World Bank.

Aim & Philosophy

EPICentre looks to provide a forum for multidisciplinary research into risk from natural hazards and disaster risk reduction. With the driving force behind EPICentre research work being the ambition to drastically reduce loss of life, livelihoods and economic loss in natural disasters.

EPICentre research projects are highly multi-disciplinary, and strongly linked to industry, local government and NGO needs. EPICentre brings together researchers from different fields and promotes dialogue, data and knowledge exchange both within individual projects, as well as across research projects.