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Dr Fabio Freddi wins ‘Active Student Partnership’ in the Student Choice Awards

10 June 2021

Dr Fabio Freddi has won the Active Student Partnership Award in this year’s UCL Student Union Student Choice Awards.

Profile photo of Fabio Freddi

The UCL Student Union’s Student Choice Awards take place every year to celebrate the brilliant work our staff and students do. The nominations each year are made by students and then reviewed by a judging panel and are focussed on staff and students who contribute to a student-centred learning experience across the university. 

We are delighted to announce that this year, the winner of the ‘Active Student Partnership’ award is Dr Fabio Freddi. This award is for a member of staff who:
•    Is responsive to students, listen attentively, and acts on feedback
•    Engages openly and honestly with student comments, taking responsibility for problems and seeking solutions
•    Proactively involves students in addressing issues, finding solutions, and improving their education, particularly during challenging circumstances

Over the year, Fabio contributed to students’ engagement and learning experience in several diverse ways. Fabio organised the Connected Learning Internships “MEng Engineering and Architectural Design: Experimental Learning in the on-line teaching environment", which allowed four students to collaborate with staff members, significantly contributing to the improvement of the on-line learning experience. He supported students working within the UCL ChangeMakers projects, enabling them to support the learning experience of their colleagues where they explained concepts of their programme in a peer-to-peer setting. He also supported students applying to several summer research projects and internships for the coming year. During the year, Fabio led two challenging modules, collaborating with students, and acting upon their feedback to adapt and improve their experience in these challenging circumstances. Finally, Fabio supports the research activities of several PhD students toward their goal of addressing significant global challenges to become recognised international leaders in their research areas. 

Of his award, Fabio said, "I’m very grateful and honoured for this award, but I’m even more grateful for the amazing support that I received from students that I collaborated with this year. I really have to say a big thank you to all of them for their work, commitment, professionalism and above all for the enthusiasm that they put in their work. We have some really amazing students, and it is amazing to work with them."

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