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  • The Lecturers for the MA in China: Health and Humanity are all highly regarded experts in their fields. Read more about them here.

Research students

Some of our current and recent PhD students

  • David Dear
    Self-cultivation and the formation of identity in Early Modern China
  • Dr Nancy Holroyde-Downing
    Tongues on fire: On the origins and transmission of a system of tongue diagnosis
  • Dr Dolly Yang 楊德秀
    Prescribing 'Guiding and Pulling': The institutionalisation of therapeutic exercise in Sui China (581 - 618 CE)
  • Takaki Nishiyama
    The International Leviathan: The British Imperial Institution and the East Asian Ab-intra States System, 1842-1943
  • Dr Di Lu
    Transnational Travels of the Caterpillar Fungus, 1700-1949


Visiting scholars

  • Lijuan Hu 扈李娟, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou China (also an Honorary Research Associate of UCL)
  • Yan Liu 刘焱, Harvard University
  • Dr Becky Chou 周珮琪, China Medical University, Taiwan