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China and Covid-19

Debate (9:30–12:30 GMT, Tue 8 December 2020) and student-led research project

It is generally accepted that Wuhan, in central China, was at the beginning of the transmission of Covid 19, but what does this mean for public health and for our understanding of the causes and effects of the pandemic and how to control it? And what other issues does it bring into the spotlight?

This microsite showcases material gathered for an ongoing research project on China, Chinese medicine and Covid-19 by UCL students in the Health Humanities, and friends.

It represents many voices and perspectives, which may not necessarily be shared by the students and staff of UCL CCHH.

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The project will feed into a live online debate hosted by Prof. Vivienne Lo of the UCL China Centre for Health and Humanity (CCHH)  on the morning of December 8th, with speakers from academia and beyond.  We will be discussing three parallel and overlapping themes, chosen by the students:

1. Global Health and the Pandemic in UK and China 
2. TCM: Dangerous pleasures from the wet market, or gentle home remedies?
3. ‘China’s Covid’ and renewed racist attacks against East Asians.

This debate will run online in 'Question Time' fashion with the questions collected in advance by our students. They have also prepared presentations on all the themes of the debate, which will be available, together with other resources, on the microsite.

As an historian and former practitioner of Chinese medicine, Prof. Lo will be speaking particularly to Parts 2 and 3, and Prof. Therese Hesketh of the UCL Institute for Global Health will be speaking to Part 1.

Provisional programme

The debate is open to everyone who is interested in the topic. To take part, please register in advance via eventbrite to receive a joining link: