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Sir Lancelot Barrington-Ward

Publications by Sir Lancelot Edward Barrington-Ward (1884-1953)


Surgeon. Born at Worcestor. Educated at Bromsgrove and Edinburgh University. Qualified 1908. FRCSEd 1910. FRCSE 1911. Studied at the Middlesex Hospital before returning to Edinburgh (ChM 1913 and the Chiene Medal). In 1910 he was appointed resident surgeon at GOSH, assisting George E. Waugh and Thomas Fairbank. In 1914 he was appointed to the consulting staff at GOSH. KCVO 1935. Surgeon to the King's Household, 1937. Extra-Surgeon to HM Queen, 1952. In addition to his work at GOSH he was on the staff of the Wood Green and Royal Northern Hospitals. His experience in surgery was recorded in numerous articles, and in a standard textbook Abdominal Surgery of Children (Oxford University Press 1928; a 2nd edition appeared in 1937; copies of both editions are held in the Library, see references 14 and 21 below). He also edited a textbook of operative surgery, compiled by the various members of staff at the Royal Northern Hospital, entitled Royal Northern Operative Surgery (London, 1939; see item 24 below; a 2nd revised edition appeared in 1951, which). His short history of GOSH, originally published in 1941 was reprinted as a pamphlet in 1947.

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Note: PP refers to Papers Published by Medical & Surgical Staff of the Hospital.

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