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Our research and teaching interests include health services, infections, nutrition, screening and surveillance, developing methods to use and understand research data and biostatistical methods.

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    Research Groups


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    Our statisticians have an international reputation for their work developing new statistical methods to analyse human growth and development and constructing age-related reference ranges in a variety of conditions and measures

    Child Health Informatics Group

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    The Child Health Informatics Group capitalises on the opportunities for research offered by administrative datasets routinely collected by government departments and other statutory bodies to create rich resources for policy-relevant research

    Children and Families Policy Research Unit

    National Institute for Health Research Policy Research Unit Children and Families
    Conducting high-quality research to support the development of evidence-based policy to improve the health of children and families


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    The ECHILD project is a research study run by University College London that joins together existing health, education and social care information for all children in England for the first time.
    We are using this linked data to better understand how education affects children’s health, and how health affects children’s education.

    Infections Group

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    Our research is focussed on understanding infections in pregnancy and childhood, with an emphasis on prevention of vertical (mother-to-child) transmission, delineating risks for adverse outcomes and addressing key questions central to clinical practice and public health


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    Our paediatric nutrition research spans cognitive function, cardiovascular health, bone health, body composition, biochemistry, dietetics, energy metabolism and staple isotope research


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    The PICNIC project is using large health databases linked to environmental and Census data.  The study is investigating child exposure to outdoor air pollution or poor housing conditions during pregnancy or early childhood and the risk of respiratory tract infections like bronchiolitis, pneumonia and croup. 



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    The PROMISE Programme aims to improve the assessment and treatment of childhood obesity through research addressing key gaps in the evidence base supporting the NICE childhood obesity treatment pathway and to build a coherent programme of clinical and public health research that significantly contributes towards improving the treatment of childhood obesity in the NHS

    Trim Tots

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    Trim Tots Community Interest Company was formed to tackle obesity through the delivery and roll out of Planet Munch Healthy Lifestyle Programme