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Sustainable chemical approaches to the production of new and existing chemical products and materials is of crucial importance world-wide over the next decades. At UCL we are pioneering novel green chemistry strategies for molecular assembly and materials construction

Vision for the Future of Plastics published by UCL Plastic Waste Hub

The UCL Plastic Waste Hub, comprised of academics including Teresa Domenech, Paola Lettieri, Francesca Medda, Susan Michie, Mark Miodownik, John Ward, Beth Munro and UCL Chemistry's Helen Hailes published this in advance of the COP26 talks on climate change

In this paper, we outline a Vision for the Future of Plastics, based on our research at the Plastic Waste Innovation Hub at UCL. We are a multidisciplinary research hub and specialize in systems thinking around plastics – how they are produced, regulated, sold, used, discarded, and recycled. No solution to the plastics problem comes from one single discipline or sector. Reducing the climate impact of plastics needs collaboration in the adoption of circular economy policies for plastics.There are faults through the whole plastics material system. We outline a Vision for a more sustainable system at each stage: material production, object manufacturing, labelling, use, collection, recycling, end of life.

Read more about the Plastic Waste Innovation Hub at UCL by visiting their website


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