Chemistry for Life

Chemistry is the very essence of life and helps us understand how life started, evolves and adapts. Chemistry also leads to better and more sustainable lives by revealing how diseases start and progress, and by developing new preventative and therapeutic approaches.

UCL Chemistry is leader in many key areas ranging from origins-of-life, and bioimaging, biosensing, and bioconjugation, over biomimicry and biophysics, to new routes to molecules, therapeutics and phototherapy. We work with leaders in biomedicine, as well as industrial companies to turn break-through scientific insight into societal impact. Explore the members and research highlights of Chemistry for Life.

Theme leaders: Prof. Stefan Howorka and Prof. Stephen Caddick

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Chemistry for Life Stem Cell Protein


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Research Theme Contact:
Prof. Stefan Howorka
Email: s.howorka@ucl.ac.uk 

Prof. Stephen Caddick
Email: s.caddick@ucl.ac.uk