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UCL Chemical Engineering Videos

Wondering what it is like to study Chemical Engineering at UCL? Watch our new animation video and taster lecture recordings to learn more about our excellent programmes and groundbreaking research.

Animation video

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/QydiD9r1cZc

UG Programme Admissions Tutor, Federico Galavanin describes 'What is Chemical Engineering?' in this short animation video.

Taster Lectures

UCL Chemical Engineering Academics and Researchers hosted a series of exciting and innovative online taster lectures from April to June 2020. Each webinar included a short presentation followed by a Q&A. Click and watch each session in full below.

Nature-Inspired Chemical Engineering: A NICE Approach to Solve Challenging Problems

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/ZCKzvyNTh9E

Presented by: Prof Marc-Olivier Coppens, Ramsay Memorial Professor & Head of Department of Chemical Engineering and Director, EPSRC "Frontier Engineering" Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering (CNIE).

 "When Batteries Go Bang"

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/BjhwGtwgHXE

Presented by: Paul Shearing, Professor in Chemical Engineering.

Fuel Cells a multidisciplinary and multiscale problem

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/sY3CJHj7o78

Presented by Dr Rhodri Jervis, Lecturer in Chemical Engineering in the UCL Electrochemical Innovations Lab (EIL).

Artificial intelligence to improve the quality of life

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/IcWVdLj2sgc

Presented by: Dr Panagiotis (Panos) Petsagkourakis, Postdoctoral Researcher.

Nature Inspired Chemical Engineering: A NICE Approach to Solve Challenging Problems 

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/E55idNS1LjM

Prof Marc-Olivier Coppens, Ramsay Memorial Professor & Head of Department of Chemical Engineering and Director, EPSRC "Frontier Engineering" Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering (CNIE).

Integrated decision making for digitalising energy & manufacturing

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/ZJZwuwd7IFU

Presented by: Dr Vassilis Charitopoulos, Lecturer in Product & Process Systems Engineering.

Solar driven Photocatalytic Water splitting for Sustainable Future – An overview

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/AxF9w9OpUw0

Presented by: Dr Madasamy Thangamuthu, Senior Postdoctoral Researcher.

Mixing of complex non-Newtonian fluids for oral healthcare applications

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/ghStIVds6_w

Presented by: Panagiota Angeli, Professor in Chemical Engineering.

Understanding the synthesis of crystalline materials: from molecules to industrial crystallisers

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/ADB0hhhCnls

Presented Dr Matteo Salvalaglio, Lecturer in Chemical Engineering.

From Chemical Engineering to Molecular Engineering and Nanotechnology

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/Jk1Nbw7vSjo

Presented by: Dr Stefan Guldin, Associate professor in Chemical Engineering and head of the Adaptive and Responsive Nanomaterials (AdReNa) group at UCL.

Electrifying automotive, marine and air transport

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/aczzBqYypt8

Presented by: Dr Alex Rettie, Lecturer in Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage.

Small things, big impact particle technology in chemical engineering

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/RnmgT-1XQjk

Presented by: Dr Maximilian Besenhard, Postdoctoral Researcher.

Nanoscale Engineering for Energy Storage

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/b1-Ic4slQlU

Presented by: Dr Theo Suter, Postdoctoral Researcher.

Healthcare Systems Engineering: Process Systems Engineering Approaches for Solving Complex Problems

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/K9O67vwSncg

Presented by: Dr Vivek Dua, Reader in Chemical Engineering and Departmental Tutor.

Waste not, Want not new engineering solutions for Waste to Fuel applications

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/M_qRhz-X5ak

Presented by: Dr Massimiliano Materazzi, RAEng Research Fellow.

Powering the world with industrial chemistry

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/AFRBxs4vTT4

Presented by: Dr Ryan Wang, Lecturer in UCL Chemical Engineering.

Combating Global Warming: Is CCS The Magic Bullet

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/5e4ySMmqtZw

Presented by: Haroun Mahgerefteh, Professor in Chemical Engineering

Biomass and Carbon Capture and Storage aiming for a negative emissions future

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/8qcN0Y1yJqc

Presented by: Dr Elena Catalanotti, Post Doctoral Research Assistant (PDRA).