Adaptive & Responsive Nanomaterials Group


Adaptive & Responsive Nanomaterials Group

Our research group is interested in the fundamental question of how materials form and interact on the nanoscale. Our design motifs are typically based on molecular self-assembly, with building blocks including oligomers, polymers and nanoparticles. We work at the forefront of methodology development and have published a number of research technique papers as well as open-source software packages. Ultimately, our aim is to create colloids and interfaces that can selectively interact with chemical and biological entities via molecular recognition. Our work is relevant for applications in healthcare and the environment, and we already inform clinical prototypes for therapeutic drug monitoring in paediatric cancer.

Recent highlights by the group

Schematic of capillary condensation in pores

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2024)

Beyond the meso/macroporous boundary: extending capillary condensation-based pore size characterization in thin films through tailored adsorptives

Table of content figure of manuscript

Chemistry of Materials (2023)

Glucose oxidase loading in ordered porous aluminosilicates: exploring the potential of surface modification for electrochemical glucose sensing

ToC schematic of Liquid Crystal-Templated Porous Microparticles via Photopolymerization of Temperature-Induced Droplets in a Binary Liquid Mixture

ACS Omega (2023)

Liquid crystal-templated porous microparticles via photopolymerisation of temperatureinduced droplets in a binary liquid mixture

ToC schematic of Reversible Microscale Assembly of Nanoparticles Driven by the Phase Transition of a Thermotropic Liquid Crystal

ACS Nano (2023)

Reversible microscale assembly of nanoparticles driven by the phase transition of a thermotropic liquid crystalACS

Table of content schematic of manuscript

Nanoscale Horizons (2023)

Amplified EQCM-D detection of extracellular vesicles using 2D gold nanostructure arrays fabricated by block copolymer self-assembly

Table of content schematic illustrating mesopore enabled humidity sensing

Advanced Sensor Research (2023)

On the rational design of mesoporous silica humidity sensors