UCL Electrochemical Innovation Lab


UCL Electrochemical Innovation Lab

Based in the Department of Chemical Engineering at UCL, the Electrochemical Innovation Lab (EIL) is a cross-faculty mechanism for accelerating impact, innovation, enterprise and research in electrochemical science and engineering.

The scope of activities in the EIL encompases: Mechanistic understanding of fundamental processes; materials discovery; analytical diagnostics and advanced manufacture; device design and development; modelling, optimisation and life cycle assessment; systems development and demonstration.


The core activity at the EIL


Facilities for carrying out a wide range of fabrication, test and characterisation work

UCL Centre for Correlative X-ray Microscopy

A world leading suite of X-ray CT instruments


A successful track record of turning ideas and research into commercial offerings


World-leading academics, industry leaders and enterpreneurs, creative researchers and talented students

Outreach - UCell

A team of PhD students, researchers, academics and industrial partners bringing future energy technologies into the present day