UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Pay and Promotion

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Academics: includes researchers and teaching fellows

To help plan and support career development and recognise achievements, the UCL Academic Careers Framework is designed to be used in a number of ways by staff and managers.  

Professional Services Staff (PSS): includes administrative and technical

Unlike academic staff at UCL, who are considered for promotion to a higher grade on the basis of their personal impact and achievements in the discipline, PSS are appointed to work at a specific grade. PSS jobs are graded based on the duties and responsibilities required. For a PSS job to be re-graded there must be a significant change in the duties/responsibilities that are required of the job.  At appraisal, all PSS are encouraged to review their job description including any additional roles or responsibilities they have taken on or relinquished during the past year and discussions are held around these to help staff be considered for regrading.