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We are raising funds to replace the CMC practice room piano - and have exceeded our target of £3,000! Any further donations will contribute to Club funds and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Why replace the piano?

Part of our success relies on being able to provide excellent practice facilities and one of the key benefits of Club membership is our piano and practice room, which is in constant demand. 

The current practice piano (a Bösendorfer baby-grand, donated to the Club in 1987 in memory of two previous Chairs) has come to the end of its useful life: after over 90 years, during a third of which it has been in the service of the Club, it can no longer stay in tune, has a cracked sound board, and would require £8,000 to repair for just a few years’ further service.  

What are we replacing it with?

The Committee has considered various options, taking into account views expressed by members, and has decided to replace the baby-grand with a new upright piano (an acoustic Yamaha YUS3).

This will enable our practice room to be used for a greater variety of activities by providing more space for ensembles to rehearse, and will furnish members with a much-needed improved practice piano.  The new piano has an expected life-span of up to 50 years, so investment in a new piano is for the long-term good of the Club and its members.

How much will it cost?

The new piano will cost £9,000.

  • Yamaha have kindly agreed to offer us £1,000 in part-exchange for the Bösendorfer, so the total cost to us will be £8,000.  
  • We have been successful in being awarded a Friend’s Trust grant of £2,000.
  • We can contribute £3,000 of CMC funds.  
  • We therefore need to raise the final £3,000 and need your help.  

Yamaha have agreed to hold the price for us until the end of March, which means we don’t have much time!

How will we raise funds?

Our fund-raising campaign kicked off at the 2019 Christmas concert and we raised £177.  Since then more donations have been coming in, and we have confirmed our fund-raising concert for Thursday 6 February and will soon share our ‘sponsor a piano key’ scheme.  Watch this space!  

In the meantime if you would like to donate now please click the button above or visit bit.ly/CMCPiano and you will be directed to our UCL 'Give now' page.  Donating via 'Give now' page is totally secure and all funds will be paid directly to the Chamber Music Club.

If you would prefer to donate via cheque, please make it payable to UCL Chamber Music Club and post to:
Liz Mooney, CMC Treasurer
1st Floor Bidborough House
Bidborough Street
London WC1H 9BT

Many thanks!