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UCL Centre for Engineering Education welcomes new staff

30 January 2024

The Centre for Engineering Education has welcomed four new academic staff members this academic year.

The Centre is happy to welcome Dr Vivek Ramachandran into a lecturer role on the Integrated Engineering Programme, Dr Diana Adela Martin as Senior Research Fellow, Stephen Hunt as Research Fellow and Dr Eleni Katirtzoglou as lecturer on the Engineering Foundation Year.

Diana's areas of expertise are engineering ethics, sustainability, responsible innovation and global perspectives in engineering education. Diana also has experience developing teaching materials and case studies on engineering ethics and sustainability. 

Stephen studied for a PhD in psychology at UCL, and has worked in educational research, on projects such as Effective Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education (EPPSE), and was a Research Fellow the Centre for Global Higher Education at UCL Institute of Education concentrating on alternative providers of higher education.  Stephen has also conducted research in areas such as risk perception, trust, and risk communication.

On the Integrated Engineering Programme, Vivek is deeply committed to transforming engineering education through the integration of ethics and social justice principles, approached with empathy and reflection. His objective is to establish a collaborative environment for students to discuss their emotional responses to the responsibilities of technology creators and promote a socially-conscious engineering mindset.

Eleni has dedicated her career to educating students who want to learn mathematics. Eleni has held various educational roles at LSE, UCL and QMUL. Her work has been recognized in teaching awards such as two LSE Excellence in Education Awards (2016 and 2021) and the LSESU Award for Innovative Teaching in 2016. 

For their full biographies, please see UCL Profiles.

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