UCL Centre for Engineering Education



Developing and delivering exceptional engineering education. Working with partners, the UCL Centre for Engineering Education supports and informs high-quality, technically rigorous and student focused engineering education programmes.


Our consultants are practising academics and engineers who have experience of undertaking programme review/evaluation, through to developing and delivering major curriculum development programmes and initiating complex new programmes.  The centre offers a range of services at a variety of scales and has access to broad range of expertise that can be deployed on short-time scales. Supported by UCL Consultants Ltd, bespoke consultancy support service complex projects can be instigated and managed quickly and efficiently.

•    Foresight and Horizon Scaling Reviews in a range of topics relating to engineering education
•    Curriculum review and evaluations – including aspects of accreditation or assessment
•    Develop and initiation of new programmes in collaboration with international partners. For example: Newgiza University & UCL collaborate to train engineering leaders of the future.
•    Bespoke training and mentoring programmes in engineering education – For example: Royal Academy of Engineering, Safety Champions in Engineering Education.
•    Capacity building workshops. Engineering Education Master Classes in South Africa.

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Schools Engagement

Our 600+ active staff and students have developed and delivered 134 engagement and outreach programmes, activities and events, inviting over 6000 students, 5-19 year olds, across over 500 primary and secondary schools in London and the UK, to discover the creative, humanitarian and problem-solving nature of engineering and its significance to society.

Further details of our schools engagement programme.

Schools engagement