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Wiki-Edit-a-thon - meet the team!

16 May 2022

UCL Engineering have teamed up with Wikimedia to put together a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon.

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On 1 June UCL staff and students are invited to join a Wiki-Edit-a-thon. The theme of the event is “Famous UCL Engineers - Past and Present”. The aim is to spruce up the Engineering section on the List of People associated with UCL page by linking existing Wikipedia pages, enhancing what’s on those pages and creating new pages for any noteworthy names that are currently missing.

A team of fabulous students is led by Janina Dewitz (Learning Technology Unit). Over the coming weeks the team will also be building a new blended induction experience for incoming Engineering students.

"Hi, I’m Clarissa! I’m a second-year student in the CS department, and I’m Filipino. 
I joined this project as my small way of giving back to the UCL community. I’m really enjoying the opportunity to shape the experience for all our incoming first years at Engineering. It was one of the most memorable times in my UCL life, and I want other students to experience that as well." - Clarissa Sandejas, Computer Science

"Hi, I am Junhui, you can call me Christina. I am an international student from China studying mechanical engineering with business finance. I got involved in this project due to my passion for providing support in educating others. I genuinely believe that I could provide my assistance to the UCL community by joining this project. I am excited to work with all of you to provide a fun and interactive induction to the freshers." - Junhui Wang, Mechanical Engineering

"Hello everyone. I'm Jingzi, and I'm pleased to join the team!"  - Jingzi Kang, Management Sciences

We are keen on your input: if you have any content suggestions we should consider, please get in touch. j.dewitz@ucl.ac.uk

For more information on the event, and to register, please see the eventbrite page.