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On this page find a list and links to some of the Centre's most recently published papers, keynotes, and reports.


Chance, S. and Tilley, E. (2022) Innovations in the Design of an Architectural Engineering Curriculum. International Conference on Engineering and Product Design.

Shannon Chance, Rob Lawlor, Inês Direito & John Mitchell (2021) Above and beyond: ethics and responsibility in civil engineering, Australasian Journal of Engineering Education, DOI: 10.1080/22054952.2021.1942767

Mora, C. E., Chance, S. M., Direito, I., Morera, M. D., Hernández-Zamora, L., & Williams, B. (2020). Ingenia, a novel program impacting sustainable development goals locally through students’ actions.  International Research Symposium on PBL, 76-86.

Piyatamrong, T., Derrick, J., & Nyamapfene, A. (2021). Technology-Mediated Higher Education Provision during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Assessment of Engineering Student Experiences and Sentiments. Journal of Engineering Education Transformations, 34 (0), 290.


REEN 2021 (Research in Engineering Education Network)

Mapping and Enhancing Sustainability Literacy and Competencies within an Undergraduate Engineering Curriculum (2021)
M.Lamere, L.Brodie, A.Nyamapfene, L.Fogg-Rogers, V.Bakthavatchaalam, REEN

Perspectives on Engineering Education Research in the UK: what is being done, why, and for whom? (2021) 
N.Wint, A.Nyamapfene, REEN

From Students of Engineering to Students of Engineering Education Research and Practice: A Collaborative Auto-ethnographic Study 
L.Wang, G.Vinod, Y.Cheng, A.Nyamapfene, J.Derrick and X.Li (2021) REEN

Undergraduate Student’s perceptions of factors that enable and inhibit their professional skill development
K.Willey, D.Lowe, E.Tilley, K.Roach, T.Machet, (2021) REEN

Momentum Towards Incorporating Global Responsibility in Civil Engineering Education and Accreditation in the UK
J.Truslove, E.Crichton, S.Chance, K.Creswell-Maynard, (2021) REEN

WORKSHOP:  Variation and phenomenography: recognising and understanding qualitatively different experiences of engineering learning
M.Mimirinis, S.Chance, I.Direito, (2021) REEN

FIE 2021 (Frontiers in Education Conference)

Towards a Community Vision of Integrated Engineering, Tilley, Emanuela, Bates, Rebecca; Lord, Susan

Lonngren J, Adawi T, Berge M, Huff J, Murzi H, Direito I, Tormey R, Sultan U (2020). Emotions in engineering education: Towards a research agenda. Proceedings of the 2020 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE), 2020-October. IEEE. doi:10.1109/FIE44824.2020.9273951

SEFI (European Society for Engineering Education)

Direito, I., Chance, S., Clemmensen, L., Craps, S., Economides, S., Isaac, S., Jolly, A-M., Truscott, F., Wint, N., (2021) Diversity, equity, and inclusion in engineering education: an exploration of European higher education institutions’ strategic frameworks, resources, and initiatives. SEFI 49th Annual Conference Proceedings 2021

Roach, K., Tilley, E., Lowe, D., Willey, K., (2021) Student Attitudes to Professional Skills Training: are they more difficult to learn in a university context than technical skills., SEFI 49th Annual Conference Proceedings 2021

WS Toolkit for integrating a gender-sensitive approach into research and teaching in Engineering, (2021) Mihajlović Trbovc, Jovana; Sheedy, Caroline; Chance, Shannon; Direito, Inês

WS. Eager to contribute to an Engineering Ethics Education Handbook? (2021) Børsen, Tom; Bombaerts, Gunter; Chance, Shannon; Lennerfors, Thomas; Martin, Diana; Tormey, Roland
Towards a Community Vision of Integrated Engineering, Tilley, Emanuela; Bates, Rebecca; Lord, Susan

Direito, I., Fowler, S., Rich, J., Mitchell, J., (2021) Experiences of European engineering students and academics in the UK: findings of an exploratory mixed-methods study, Proceedings of the SEFI 49th Annual Conference.

Chance, S. M., Direito, I., & Mitchell, J. (2020). Understandings of 'global responsibility' expressed by civil engineers working in London. SEFI 48th Annual Conference Engaging Engineering Education, Proceedings, 137-147.

Direito, I., Chance, S., & Malik, M. (2020). An introduction to systematic literature reviews in engineering education.  SEFI 48th Annual Conference Engaging Engineering Education, Proceedings, 1423-1426.

Direito, I., de Laet, T., & Williams, B. (2020). Diversity and inclusion research in engineering education: What has changed in the last 10 years?.  SEFI 48th Annual Conference Engaging Engineering Education, Proceedings, 1427-1428.

Direito, I., Williams, B., & Chance, S. (2020). Exploring the impact of Brexit on UK's engineering education sector from the perspective of European students and staff.  SEFI 48th Annual Conference Engaging Engineering Education, Proceedings, 169-178.

Truscott, F. R., Dias, E. M., Taiwo, F. A., Roach, K., Direito, I., & Mitchell, J. (2020). What are good teamwork skills and how do students learn them?. SEFI 48th Annual Conference Engaging Engineering Education, Proceedings, 1382-1387.

European Journal for Engineering Education

Mitchell, J. E., Nyamapfene, A., Roach, K., & Tilley, E. (2021). Faculty wide curriculum reform: the integrated engineering programme. European Journal of Engineering Education. doi:10.1080/03043797.2019.1593324

Campbell, A. L., Direito, I., & Mokhithi, M. (2021). Developing growth mindsets in engineering students: a systematic literature review of interventions. European Journal of Engineering Education, 46 (4), 503-527.

John E. Mitchell, Lynne Rogers. (2020) Staff perceptions of implementing project-based learning in engineering education. European Journal of Engineering Education 45:3, pages 349-362.

Direito, I., Chance, S., & Malik, M. (2020). The study of grit in engineering education research: a systematic literature review. European Journal of Engineering Education. doi:10.1080/03043797.2019.1688256

Chance, S., Duffy, G., & Bowe, B. (2020). Comparing grounded theory and phenomenology as methods to understand lived experience of engineering educators implementing problem-based learning. European Journal of Engineering Education. doi:10.1080/03043797.2019.1607826

Journal for Engineering Education

Hailes S., Jones E., Micheletti M., Mitchell J., Nyamapfene A., Roach K., Tilley E., Truscott F., The UCL Integrated Engineering Programme, Advances in Engineering Education 

Jensen, K., Direito, I., Polmear, M., Hattingh, T., & Klassen, M. (2020). Peer review as developmental: Exploring the ripple effects of the JEE Mentored Reviewer Program. JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING EDUCATION, 110 (1), 15-18. doi:10.1002/jee.20376

Keynotes and presentations

Workshop Future of Engineering Education, University of Porto – https://youtu.be/i6WRYcOhTb4?t=4484

SEFI@Work: Teaching societal responsibility through real life projects and challenge-based learning - https://youtu.be/dY4Nv8QZE2Q?t=3668

European BEST Engineering Competition 2021 – Professor Emanuela Tilley https://youtu.be/UndBZx1fEho

Regional Research Symposium in Problem Based Learning (RRS-PBL) 2021. India [http://rrspbl.co.in/rrspbl/keynotes/]

Innovative Engineering Curriculum Project - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ba5jj7Taklc&t=218s

Canadian Academy of Engineering-Western Engineering Discussion Conference 2021 - https://youtu.be/8PWpm-e1h9o

2021 Innovation and New Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology Education Conference, Jordan - http://ietsec.org/keynote-speakers/

Cardiff-UCL Discipline-Based STEM Education Research webinars

Quanser Café Conversation - https://youtu.be/DVfVtnWQzpk

IEEE Education Society Engineering Education 2.0 Webinar Series - https://teaching.ieee.org/event/engineering-education-2-0-interviews-in-...

2020: IEEE Transnational Engineering Education using Technology Workshop - https://easychair.org/cfp/TREET2020

London Interdisciplinary School – Staff Development Workshop

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Webinar Series - https://youtu.be/IhKqcp8qHvs

Engineering Education Meet up – https://sway.office.com/6ADiAvKVyCcvJl59?ref=Link

Big Engineering Education Meet Up – https://sway.office.com/cNUsuiNUObg2SQNx

2nd Global Colloquium on the State of the Art in Engineering Education (Nov/Dec 2020) - https://sway.office.com/5UpsZMnVU5ZmGjBo?ref=Link


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