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Written and Verbal Communication

Your ability to convey your thoughts and ideas in writing, orally or electronically, whilst also being able to listen intently to others.

Two students sat talking
Explore your understanding

Employers are looking for applicants who are able to understand information and deliver this information as effectively as possible. In almost every role, having good verbal and written communication skills will be seen to be important.

Understanding more about targeting your communication, being engaging, having an expressive style and remaining clear will help you build on your written and verbal communication skills.

Find and develop your skill

 How can you improve your written and verbal skills at UCL? 
There is a lot of support here to help you develop this skill!

Postgraduate Researchers:

Prepare your examples

Your writing skills can be practiced throughout your course by submitting essays and coursework. You can also develop your speaking skills through organising a group discussion or a debate in a seminar. 
Do you have a project with an interesting point of view that you have worked on? Try role playing with others and presenting different perspectives.

Think about a time where you have had to edit written communication for a different audience? What did you learn from this?

Want more support on how on demonstrate your verbal and written communications skills on your applications or CV?
Visit our Applications Advice page.

If you have written a draft application for any type of opportunity, our team can provide personalised practical tips and advice to help you better understand how recruiters will shortlist your application, and how you can best demonstrate your motivation and your most relevant skills / experience.