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There are a lot of things to think about when considering your finances for an overseas internship. To help you think about the things you will need to pay for, there is a dedicated Finance area within our Prepare to go section. It will be your responsibility to ensure that you are satisfied that the internship is financially viable for you as a student and your own situation. There are various ways to secure funding through the help of family or university. Click on the sections below to find out more about these, including details and eligibility criteria for the two funding options currently available for students at UCL undertaking an international internship.

Turing Grant 2024

To support students with undertaking a summer internship at an organisation outside of UK, UCL has some funding from the UK government within the framework of the Turing Scheme. The Turing Scheme is the UK Government's global programme for studying, working and living abroad, offering once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for personal and professional development for students. Within UCL, the Turing Grant for summer internships is co-managed by UCL Study Abroad and UCL Careers.

Applications are now closed for The Turing Scheme for 2023. Subscribe to the UCL Careers newsletter to find out when The Turing Scheme 2024 opens for applications.

Turing Grant Information Pack 2023


If you are not eligible for funding, it is essential that you consider in advance how else you will be able to fund your internship abroad and ensure you allow enough time to execute your plans!

Family funding and crowdfunding, or a mixture of both, are other possible ways, alongside working part-time to earn some extra cash.

To get an idea of the cost involved in doing an internship abroad, please see the Finance section of our Prepare to go page.