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Careers in the Life Science Industry Week

Explore a week of career forums, networking opportunities and experiential hands-on sessions designed to help you learn more about the diverse array of opportunities in the Life Science Industry.

If you haven't attended events organised by UCL Careers before, we strongly recommend you read through our Themed Weeks page for information on what to expect, how to prepare and how to book.

Watch event recordings on our Themed Week archive. These include complete panel discussions and in-depth interviews with experts.

Events can be extremely popular, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Please note that photographs, video, sound and/or written submissions taken at our themed week events may be used in future printed and electronic UCL promotional material. Photographs/video will be stored electronically as well as in hard copy. 

Recruitment Agency Overview of the Life Sciences Industry

Monday 9th March, 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Join recruitment agency CK Science as they discuss benefits of using recruitment services in your Life Sciences job search. Case studies and example roles will be shared, including those suitable for undergraduates, masters, and PhDs.

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Biology and Business - Using your Scientific Knowledge in a Business Context

Monday 9th March, 6pm - 8pm

Want to work in science, but worried your options are limited to the lab? Come to this event and hear from professionals applying their science knowledge in a commercial setting. The panel will share insights into their career journeys and current roles, and offer tips for anyone wanting to follow a similar path. There will also be a Q&A session where you’ll have the chance to pose your own questions. Hear from speakers applying their scientific knowledge in a commercial setting, including in patent law, biotech investments, and life science consulting. Organisations represented include GSK, Incyte, Arix Bioscience, KPMG, Deloitte, and Kilburn & Strode.

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Roles in the Lab

Tuesday 10th March, 6pm - 8pm

If you’ve enjoyed your lab experiences, come and hear from speakers who’ve built careers in labs across university, hospital, and industry settings, in organisations such as Kings College Hospital, Francis Crick Institute, Autolus Ltd.

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Strategy Consulting in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare – Experiential workshop by Cambridge Healthcare Research

Wednesday 11th March, 3pm - 5pm

If you’re interested in solving problems pertaining to the pharmaceutical industry and want exposure to commercial healthcare strategy, we hope you'll join this experiential workshop by Cambridge Healthcare Research.

We'll explore what a career in consulting entails, what life is like at Cambridge Healthcare Research, examples of our work, and advice on preparing for applications. Attendees will have an opportunity to participate in a typical pharma competitive landscaping/assessment case study, and gain insights into ground-breaking topics in the healthcare industry today.

This event is suitable for all student and research-staff, including those interested in applying for internships or fill-time roles.

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Careers in Science Communication and Science Policy

Wednesday 11th March, 6pm - 8pm

Want to use your communication skills to translate scientific discoveries to the public and policy-makers? Hear from professionals doing just that in a variety of organisations, including Government Office for Science, Integrated MedHealth Communication, and The Health Sciences Academy.

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A Career in Medical Writing - Experiential Workshop by the European Medical Writing Association

Thursday 12th March,  2pm - 4pm

In this 2-hour workshop from the European Medical Writers Association you will learn about the medical writing profession, and have the chance to use and improve your medical writing skills.

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Data Science Careers

Thursday 12th March, 6.30pm - 8pm

Want to use your data analysis skills in the life science sector? Join us to hear from a range of panellists working in roles related to data science within the life science industry from organisations including GSK, The Alan Turing Institute, UCL, and BenevolentAI.

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