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Visualsonics Vevo 2100


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Ultrasound with high image quality, increased frame rates, superb contrast, unrivalled resolution and a wide field of view. The system is easy to use, non-invasive and fast, providing extremely high throughput when needed.



Imaging modes

  • Superb B-Mode (2D) imaging for anatomical visualization and quantification, with enhanced temporal resolution with frame rates up to 740 fps (in 2D for a 4x4 mm FOV), and enhanced image uniformity with multiple focal zones
  • M-Mode for visualization and quantification of wall motion in cardiovascular research, single line acquisition allows for the very high-temporal (1000 fps) resolution necessary for analysis of LV function
M-Mode image of mouse left ventricle
  • Anatomical M-Mode for adjustable anatomical orientation in reconstructed M-Mode imaging; software automatically optimizes field of view for maximum frame rate
  • Pulsed-Wave Doppler Mode (PW) for quantification of blood flow
  • Color Doppler Mode for detection of  blood vessels including flow directional information and mean velocities; as well as for identification of small vessels not visible in B-Mode
Color Doppler imaging in the mouse spleen
  • Power Doppler Mode for detection and quantification of blood flow in small vessels not visible in B-Mode; increased frame rates allow for significantly faster data acquisition
  • 3D-Mode Imaging for anatomical and vascular visualization, when combined with either B-Mode, Power Doppler Mode or Nonlinear Contrast Imaging; allows for quantification of volume and vascularity within a defined anatomical structure
3D B-Mode imaging of orthotopic hepatoma tumor. Dark blue tumor volume. Light blue liver, Orange kidney


  • MS550D 22–55 MHzCardiac, Abdominal, Embryo, Vascular, Tumors (< 14mm)
  • MS700 30–70 MHzEpidermal Imaging, Superficial Tissue, Subcutaneous Tumors (< 9mm), Vascular, Ophthalmology  

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