Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging


CABI Directory


Prof Mark Lythgoe emailIcon 020 7679 6164 Neuroscience, preclinical imaging

Research Operations Manager

Ozama Ismail emailIcon 020 3108 2041 Neuroscience

Research Manager

Yichao Yu emailIcon 020 7679 6782 Phenotyping, Neuroscience

Senior Research Fellows

Dr Simon Walker-Samuel emailIcon 020 7679 6329 Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow
Cancer, Molecular Imaging
Dr Tammy Kalber emailIcon 020 7679 0810 EPSRC Early Career Fellowship
Cancer, molecular Imaging, stem cell therapy
Dr Tim Witney emailIcon 020 7679 6782 Wellcome Trust / Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellow
Cancer, Molecular Imaging, Nuclear Medicine
Dr Daniel Stuckey emailIcon 020 3108 2041 BHF Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellowships
Cardiovascular imaging, Tissue Engineering
Dr Jack Wells emailIcon 020 7679 6908 Wellcome Trust / Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellow
ASL, Sequence design, Alzheimer’s disease

Francis Crick Institute Partners 

Dr Bernard Siow emailIcon 020 7679 6294 Head of MRI Facility
MRI physics, Diffusion MRI, sequence development
Dr Peter Johnson emailIcon 020 7679 0722 Senior Laboratory Research Scientist
In-vivo preclinical imaging, Cancer
Dr Thomas Snoeks emailIcon 020 7269 3426  Senior Scientific Officer
In-vivo preclinical imaging

Post Doctoral Researchers 

Dr Raul Pereira emailIcon 020 7679 6782 Organic chemistry and Nuclear medicine
Dr Stephen Patrick emailIcon 020 7679 6294 Nuclear imaging, molecular imaging
Dr Ian Harrison emailIcon 020 7679 6448 Neuroscience, Preclinical Imaging
Dr Patrick McCormick emailIcon 020 7679 6922 Nuclear Medicine, Molecular Imaging and Cancer
Dr John Connell emailIcon 020 7679 6448 Liver imaging, cell therapy
Dr Thomas Roberts emailIcon 020 3108 2020 Cancer, cardiovascular
Dr Isabel Christie emailIcon 020 7679 6294 Neuroscience

Research Technicians

May Zaw Thin emailIcon 020 3108 2042 CT imaging, Nuclear imaging, cell tracking

Ph.D. Students 

Xiao Xiao Han emailIcon 020 7679 6923 Cardiovascular Imaging, Stem-cell Regeneration, Tissue Engineering
Payam Nahavandi emailIcon 020 3108 2020 Neuroscience and Functional Imaging
Alice Romiti emailIcon 020 3108 2020 Molecular imaging
Yanan Zhu emailIcon 020 7679 6956 Cancer and Molecular Imaging
Chris Payne emailIcon 020 7679 6908 Magnetic targeting
Paul Sweeney emailIcon   Mathematical modelling of biological systems
Ben Hipwell emailIcon 020 7679 6923 Cancer, Diffusion MRI, MR Elastography
James Olav Breen-Norris emailIcon 020 3108 2393 Diffusion MRI in cancer
Ana Gomez Ramirez emailIcon 020 3108 2393 Cancer, Molecular imaging
 Lawrence Best emailIcon   Neuroscience, Stroke
 Matin Mohseni emailIcon 020 7679 4692 Magnetic targeting
 Yolanda Ohene emailIcon 020 7679 0810 Neuroscience and ASL imaging
 Natalie Holroyd emailIcon 020 3108 2393 Cancer imaging

Artist in Residence

Jennifer Crouch emailIcon    Artist in Residence

Previous Members 

ManKin Choy Benjamin Sinclair Laurence Jackson
Ruth Oliver Panagiotis Kyrtatos Arun Niranjan
Rachael Panizzo Kenneth Cheung Dr Angela d’Esposito
Tanja Holand Jon Cleary Valerie Taylor
François Lassailly Niall Colgan Morium Ali
Simon Richardson Ben Duffy  
Katy Ordidge Francesca Norris  
Rupinder Ghatrora Inmaculada Villar  
Adrienne Campbell Johannes Riegler  
Niral Patel Manil Chouhan  
Louise Kiru Nicholas Powell  
James O'Callaghan Asif Machhada  
Da Ma Holly Holmes  
Miguel Goncalves Rajiv Ramasawmy  
Adam Badar Anthony Price