Image of the Month

Image of the Month

Grants & Awards


  • AIC 2014 Best Poster and Best Oral Presentation: Presented to Ozama Ismail for his work on Imaging tau pathology using MRI.
  • British Chapter ISMRM post-graduate symposium 2013 People's Award for Best Poster Pitch: Awarded to Yanan Zhu for her 2 minute pitch on APT MRI measures of protein therapy.
  • British Chapter ISMRM post-graduate symposium 2013 People's Award for Best Oral Presentation: Awarded to Ozama Ismail for his talk on imaging tau pathology using MRI.
  • Magna Cum Laude Merit Award, Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB, Milan, 2014: Awarded to Miguel Goncalves for his abstract on anti-tumour therapy.


  • Welcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship: Awarded to Simon Walker-Samuel for investigating barriers to drug delivery and response to therapy in tumours using MRI. The award is given to ‘the most outstanding postdoctoral scientists based within academic institutions across the UK’.
  • £1M Eli Lilly Award: For developing new imaging for Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Summa Cum Laude Merit Award, 20th ISMRM Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Melbourne, 2012: Awarded to Miguel Goncalves for his abstract on identifying patterns of oxygenation in tumours.


  • Astrazeneca Prize 2011: Won by Adrienne Campell.
  • SCMR Regional Scholarship Award and Early Career Award - Translational: Presented to Adrienne Campbell at the 2011 SCMR/Euro CMR Joint Scientific Sessions in Nice, France.


  • Davies Medal 2010: Presented to Mark Lythgoe for a significant contribution to the field of Imaging Science by The Royal Photographic Society, at the Royal Society, September 2010.
  • £157,000 award: M.F.Lythgoe, Funding from UCL Faculty of Biomedical Science for a Research Manager in CABI.
  • £551,094 CBRC Strategic Investment Award: S.Ourselin, D.Hawkes, M.F Lythgoe. UCL and Partner Medical Imaging Computing Initiative.
  • £320,000 EPSRC grant: M.F.Lythgoe and Q. Pankhurst. Magnetic Targeting and Imaging of Stem Cells.
  • Young Author Achievement Award: Presented to Dr Panos Krytatos by the American College of Cardiology Foundation for his ‘outstanding manuscript’.


  • £200,000 Wellcome Trust Society Award for the Cheltenham Science Festival: Expanding Horizons – breaking down festival boundaries. Donna Renney, Kathy Sykes, Mark Lythgoe.
  • £10M CRUK/EPSRC award: For the establishment of a Comprehensive Cancer Imaging Centre, which will enable a new molecular imaging facility (SPECT/CT and PET/CT) in CABI.
  • £750,000 MRC Capacity Building award: For the establishment of a biomedical imaging doctoral training scheme. PhD studentships will start in Oct 2009.
  • £250,000 UCL Capital Infrastructure award: For the establishment of a new molecular imaging facility in CABI.
  • £1,918,900 EPSRC grant: Q. Pankhurst, K.Chester, M.F. Lythgoe, I.Parkin, S.Nair, S.Janes, B. Pedley. Bio-functional Magnetic Nanoparticles: Novel High-Efficiency Targeting Agents for Localised Treatment of Metastatic Cancers. EPSRC (Nanotechnology Grand Challenge - Healthcare).
  • £1,649,217 EPSRC grant: S. Hart, H. Hailes, A. Tabor, M.F. Lythgoe. Nanoparticles for the Targeted Delivery of Therapeutic Agents to the Brain for the Treatment Dementias. EPSRC (Nanotechnology Grand Challenge - Healthcare).
  • CIF award: For additional building work for a molecular imaging facility.


  • £500,969: Targeted delivery and MRI tracking of magnetically labelled stem cells. BBSRC/EPSRC. M.F.Lythgoe,  Q. Pankhurst, J. Halcox, J. Martin, A. Taylor, D.G. Gadian.
  • £1,760,296: UCL as a Beacon of Public Engagement. HEFCE and RCUK. M. Worton. S. MacDonald, J. Abbott, L. Green, S. Jones, M Maslin, S. Miller, A Sella, M. Sudbury, M. F. Lythgoe.
  • £152,795: Neuroprotection by remote ischaemic preconditioning and remote ischaemic postconditioning in experimental stroke. BHF. R. MacAllister and M.F.Lythgoe.
  • £100,000: Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Anti-Leukaemia Cell Therapy. The Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund. W.Qasim,  M.F. Lythgoe, P. Lehtolainen.
  • £194,000: High-field post-mortem Magnetic Resonance Microscopy of fetal and neonatal brain and heart. UCLH/UCL Comprehensive Biomedical Research Centre (CBRC) New Initiative Project Grant. Robertson, Taylor, Thayyil, Jacques, Sebire, Cook, Yousry, Lythgoe, Elliot.
  • £500,000 UCL Capital Infrastructure award: For the establishment of a platform for experimental imaging across UCL.
  • Major funding secured for a molecular imaging facility (PET and SPECT).


  • BHF funding: For a high-field 9.4T MRI scanner.

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