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22 UCL Brain Sciences academics recognised in annual global list of influential researchers

17 November 2022

A total of 22 academics from the Faculty of Brain Sciences have been identified as “one in 1,000 Citation Elite” on Clarivate’s annual ‘Highly Cited Researchers List’ 2022, which recognises authors of the most influential research papers around the world.

Clarivate’s annual ‘Highly Cited Researchers List’ 2022 image

The Faculty of Brain Sciences had the highest number of academics from across UCL’s faculties included in the list.

With 49 primary affiliations and nine secondary affiliations, UCL has the second most in the UK behind the University of Oxford - and ranks 15th in the world overall, up from 26th in 2021.

UCL Brain Sciences researchers were present in five of the 17 academic fields listed, namely: Biology and Biochemistry; Cross-Field; Neuroscience & Behaviour; Psychiatry & Psychology; and Social Sciences.

A total of 22 UCL researchers have been recognised in the ‘Cross-Field’ category, up from 17 in 2021, reflecting the university’s increasing engagement with cross-disciplinary activity. Professor Susan Michie (UCL Psychology and Language Sciences) has been listed in two categories, joining just 249 other individuals worldwide recognised in multiple fields of research this year.

The list identifies around 6,940 researchers from 69 countries across the globe who have demonstrated significant influence in their chosen field(s) through the publication of multiple highly cited papers during the last decade.

The names are drawn from the publications that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and publication year in the Web of Science citation index, with the list also used to identify the research institutions and countries where the citation elite are based.

Professor David Shanks, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Brain Sciences who led the Faculty’s submission to the 2021 Research Excellence Framework, said:

“I am incredibly proud to see such positive representation from the Faculty of Brain Sciences in Clarivate’s 2022 list. A total of 22 have been recognised, up from 16 in 2021. Our academics work tirelessly in their respective fields to produce pioneering research that has real-world impact, and this highlights the truly global significance of this work. Huge congratulations to all those who have had their achievements recognised in this prestigious list and to everyone who has contributed to this success.”

This year’s highly cited researchers from Brain Sciences are as follows:

Biology and Biochemistry: Professor Andrey Abramov 

Cross-Field: Professor Nick FoxProfessor David Miller, Professor Anthony Schapira and Professor Bart De Strooper

Neuroscience & Behaviour:  Professor Frederik BarkhofProfessor Timothy Behrens Professor Matteo CarandiniProfessor Karl FristonProfessor Sir John HardyProfessor Kenneth HarrisProfessor Andrew LeesProfessor John Rothwell, Dr Michael Schöll and Professor Alan Thompson

Psychiatry & Psychology: Professor Chris BrewinProfessor Glyn Lewis, Professor William MandyProfessor Argyris Stringaris and  Professor Marinus van IJzendoorn

Social Sciences: Professor Mika Kivimaki

Psychiatry & Psychology and Social Sciences:  Professor Susan Michie