Brain Sciences


Senior Academic, Research and Teaching Fellow 2020-21 promotions

9 July 2021

38 academic staff from the Faculty of Brain Sciences have been awarded a promotion in this year's UCL academic promotions round.


Each year, UCL recognises and rewards the outstanding achievements of academics across the university. This year the Faculty achieved the following: 23 new Professors, five Associate Professors, four Principal Research Fellows and six Associate Professors (Teaching).

Promotions are effective from 1 October 2021.

Professor Alan Thompson, Dean of the Faculty of Brain Sciences, said: “A huge congratulations to all of our colleagues who have been promoted this year. These highly deserved promotions reflect the excellence of their work across research, education and enterprise  and their major contribution to brain sciences, reinforcing the incredible academic strength of our Faculty. I am thrilled to congratulate the following academics for their well-deserved success.” 


Name DepartmentPromoted to
Dr Christos ProukakisClinical and Movement NeurosciencesProfessor of Neurology and Neurogenetics
Dr Julian ChildsClinical, Education and Health PsychologyProfessor of Evidence-Based Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Dr Leslie GutmanClinical, Education and Health PsychologyProfessor of Developmental and Health Psychology
Dr Jean-Baptiste PingaultClinical, Education and Health PsychologyProfessor of Developmental Psychopathology and Genetics 
Dr Lucy SerpellClinical, Education and Health PsychologyProfessor of the Psychology of Eating Disorders
Dr Nikolaus SteinbeisClinical, Education and Health PsychologyProfessor of Developmental Neuroscience
Dr James KirkbrideDivision of PsychiatryProfessor of Psychiatric and Social Epidemiology
Dr Karoline KuchenbaeckerDivision of PsychiatryProfessor of Genetic Epidemiology
Dr Stephen FlemingExperimental PsychologyProfessor of Cognitive Neuroscience 
Dr Lasana HarrisExperimental PsychologyProfessor of Social Neuroscience
Dr Dominik BachImaging NeuroscienceProfessor of Cognitive-Computational and Clinical Neuroscience 
Dr Vladimir LitvakImaging NeuroscienceProfessor of Translational Neurophysiology
Dr Oliver RobinsonInstitute of Cognitive NeuroscienceProfessor of Neuroscience and Mental Health
Mr Keith BartonInstitute of OphthalmologyProfessor of Ophthalmology
Dr Pearse KeaneInstitute of OphthalmologyProfessor of Artificial Medical Intelligence
Dr Omar MahrooInstitute of OphthalmologyProfessor of Retinal Neuroscience
Dr Carlos PavesioInstitute of OphthalmologyProfessor of Ocular Inflammation and Infection 
Dr Jacqueline Van Der SpuyInstitute of OphthalmologyProfessor of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Dr Klaus AbelsLinguisticsProfessor of Linguistics
Dr Jonathan RohrerNeurodegenerative DiseasesProfessor of Neurology 
Dr Patricia AdankSpeech, Hearing & Phonetic SciencesProfessor of Speech Perception and Production 
Dr Sally DawsonThe Ear InstituteProfessor in Molecular Genetics of Hearing Loss
Dr Daniel JaggerThe Ear InstituteProfessor of Cell Physiology

Associate Professors

Name Department 
Dr Natalie MarchantDivision of Psychiatry
Dr Lisa WoodDivision of Psychiatry
Dr Konstantinos BalaskasInstitute of Ophthalmology
Dr Alice DavidsonInstitute of Ophthalmology
Dr Emmanuelle VireMRC Prion Unit at UCL

Principal Research Fellows

Dr Gabriele LignaniClinical & Experimental Epilepsy
Dr Rina BandopadhyayClinical and Movement Neurosciences
Dr Christian LambertImaging Neuroscience
Dr Rebecca SamsonNeuroinflammation

Associate Professors (Teaching)

Dr Amit BatlaClinical and Movement Neurosciences
Dr Vanessa PutzClinical, Education and Health Psychology
Mr Christos BechlivanidisExperimental Psychology
Ms Rashmi MathewInstitute of Ophthalmology
Dr Adam ListonIoN Central Administration
Dr Tim YoungIoN Central Administration