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Neuroscience MSc

This Neuroscience MSc degree offers you the opportunity to study the structure and function of the brain in one of the world’s greatest centres for neuroscience.

Neuroscience MSc Degree Overview

Our brain and its workings define who we are. Neuroscience is discovering how the nervous system functions in health and disease from the molecular to the behavioural level. Our Neuroscience degree focuses on this vibrant area of science which is seeing regular exciting new breakthroughs, but there is still much to be discovered. UCL is the leading neuroscience institution in Europe, and students benefit greatly from a vast reservoir of expertise.

Course benefits

  • UCL and its associated institutes for neuroscience research have an outstanding global reputation. We have one of the highest concentrations of neuroscience researchers in Europe.

  • Co-operation with UCL's Institutes of Neurology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Ophthalmology, Child Health, and the newly established Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour offers unrivalled opportunities to access research laboratories for your final-year project.

  • This Neuroscience MSc degree provides students with a broad knowledge of neuroscience, together with deep knowledge and hands-on experience in the area of their research project.

Career Opportunities

The majority (more than 80%) of our graduates take up PhD positions in neuroscience research, including some who stay on at UCL.

The MSc in Neuroscience provides an introduction to a career in neuroscience. Around 80% of our students progress to a PhD and then onto careers in academia, industry and other allied biomedical professions. The remainder enters the fields of healthcare, education and commercial scientific research.

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Staff View 

"I joined UCL in 2011 to establish my own laboratory. I study the neural basis of sound perception so it was critical to me that I joined a university that had both a large group of researchers working on hearing, and a large and thriving community of neuroscientists. At the UCL Ear Institute, I interact with scientists who work on all aspects of hearing and deafness while being embedded in probably the largest grouping of neuroscientists anywhere in Europe."

Dr Jennifer Bizley
Neuroscience MSc, Audiological Science MSc
Sir Henry Dale Research Fellow