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Biology of Ageing and Age-related Disease stream

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Subject stream tutor

Dr Nazif Alic
Email: n.alic@ucl.ac.uk

Biology of Ageing and Age-Related Disease taught module

BIOL0022: Biology of Ageing

Example project titles

Role of ISGylation in metabolic regulation in adipocytes

The role of RNA polymerase I in longevity effects of dFOXO

Identifying new genetic modifiers of toxicity in models of C9orf72-associated neurodegeneration

Establishing the interplay between protein aggregation, metabolism, and ageing, using protein folding sensors and metabolic probes

Role of ETS transcription factors in drosophila physiology and lifespan

Lactation in nematodes: C. elegans hermaphrodites secrete yolk to feed their young

Effects of ABCC5 (MRP5) overexpression on the lifespan of human Multipotent Adipose-Derived stem cells (hMADS)

Understanding age-related pathology development in C. elegans

Role of microbial vitamin B6 synthesis in a host-microbe interspecies relationship

The role of the intestinal permeability in healthspan and longevity in C. elegans

Mocrobe induced macromolecular damage mimicry activates a metabolic dependent stress response in the host

The role of cellular respiration on the chronological lifespan of fission yeast

Pharyngeal pathology can cause early death in ageing C. elegans