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Institute of Healthy Ageing

The UCL Institute of Healthy Ageing (IHA) is a centre of excellence for research on the biology of ageing and ageing-related diseases.


Ageing is now the predominant cause of disease worldwide and yet it remains poorly understood.

The aim of research at the IHA is to discover the biological mechanisms of ageing to help us understand the causes of age-related diseases and improve human health at older ages.

Because human ageing is so very complex, our main approach is to discover the mechanisms of ageing first in simple, experimentally tractable organisms.

Understanding the biology of ageing is one of the most important challenges in biomedical research today


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Who are we?



Information about our individual research groups.

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Research Strategy and Research Groups

Explore our scientific objectives and research strategy and discover our research groups 

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Work at the IHA continues a long tradition of research on ageing at UCL.



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Current research

Gene Regulation

Gene Regulation and Ageing

Understanding how regulation of gene expression impacts ageing.

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Primary Causes of Ageing

Understanding the fundamental biological mechanisms of ageing.

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Ageing & Neurodegeneration

Understanding the biological mechanisms of age-related neurodegeneration.


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Biology of Ageing is a highly successful module exploring topics in contemporary biogerontology. Diseases of Ageing is a new module linking basic biogerontology with molecular, clinical and epidemiological aspects of age-related diseases.



The IHA hosts Masters students, PhD students and visiting students in the lab, including those who wish to carry out a summer placement. Students can also come to the IHA through the Biosciences MRes Programme through the Biology of Ageing and Age-Related Disease stream or the Neuroscience stream.

Masters and PhDs


Opportunities for undergraduates to contribute to ageing research & develop laboratory skills through the UCL Healthspan Project. Applications are open to UCL undergraduates on any life sciences degree programme and in any year of study 

Undergraduate Research Internships

More about the IHA