UCL Division of Biosciences




Max Telford

Jodrell Chair in Zoology and Comparative Biology







Academic Staff

Jon Bridle

Professor of Evolutionary Biology

Hernán A. Burbano

Associate Professor of Ancient Plant Genomics

Flo Camus

NERC Independent Research Fellow

Helen Chatterjee

Professor of Biology

Julia Day

Professor of Zoology

Christophe Dessimoz

Professor of Bioinformatics

Ryan Felice

Associate Professor Cell & Developmental Biology

Kevin Fowler

Professor of Evolutionary Biology

Aida Gomez-Robles

Associate Professor Dept of Anthropology

Duncan Greig

Associate Professor of Genetics

Steve Jones

Emeritus Professor of Human Genetics

Nick Lane

Professor of Evolutionary Biochemistry

Ferdinand Marletaz

Royal Society University Research Fellow

Rahia Mashoodh

Excellence Fellow

Paola Oliveri

Professor of Developmental and Evolutionary Biology

Dominic Papineau

Professor of Precambrian Biogeochemistry and Exobiology

Andrew Pomiankowski

Division of Biosciences Director/ Professor of Genetics

Max Reuter

Reader in Evolutionary Genetics

Graham Shields-Zhou

Professor of Geology

Wenying Shou

Professor of Quantitative and Evolutionary Biology

Chris Thompson

Head of Department/ Professor of Evolutionary and Developmental Genetics

Mark Thomas

 Professor of Evolutionary Genetics 

Bridget Wade

Professor of Earth Sciences

Finn Werner

Professor of Molecular Biophysics

Ziheng Yang

FRS, R.A. Fisher Chair of Statistical Genetics






External Associate Academic Staff

John Allen

Honorary Professor

Joel Dacks

Honorary Professor

Anjali Goswami

Honorary Professor

Dr Jeffery Thompson

Honorary Lecturer



Research Technicians

Rebecca Finlay

GEE Research Technician

Fraser Simpson

GEE Research Technician





Group Technicians


Chi-Chun Chen

Shou Group Research Technician

Marie Maeland

Marletaz Group Technician






Professional Services