UCL Division of Biosciences


Research Groups

Listed below are the labs and groups within the research department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment (GEE).


100 day old fly

Laboratory for Transcriptional Regulation & Ageing

Dr Nazif Alic

jelly fish image

Andres Group

Dr Aida Andres

Blue organisms under a microscope

Bahler Lab

Prof Jurg Bahler

computational genomics

 Computational Genomics Group

Prof Francois Balloux


Green Parrot

UCL Aliens Lab

Prof Tim Blackburn

senecio daisies growing on Mount Etna, Sicily

Evolution at Ecological Margins

Prof John Bridle

Corral on seabed

Ancient Genomics &  Evolution Group

Dr Hernán A. Burbano

Tropical bug on a leaf

Culture Nature Health Research

Prof Helen Chatterjee

Orangutan holding bananas

Day Lab

Prof Julia Day

Phylogeny, genomics, virus

van Dorp Group

Dr Lucy van Dorp

senescent preadipocytes

Foukas Lab

Dr Lazaros Foukas

jelly fish image

Fowler Group

Prof Kevin Fowler


C. elegans

C. elegans Ageing Lab

Prof David Gems

Yeast hybrid meiosis

Yeast Evolution Lab

Prof Duncan Greig

population movement

 Hellenthal Group

Dr Garret Hellenthal

jelly fish image

Biodiversity Modelling Research Group

Prof Kate Jones

jelly fish image

Jones Group

Prof Steve Jones

fly image

Kinghorn Lab

Dr Kerri Kinghorn

jelly fish image

Kuchenbaecker Group

Prof Karoline Kuchenbaecker

Worm image

Protein homeostasis and stress resistance research group

Dr John Labbadia

Cells B&W

Lane Group

Prof Nick Lane

jelly fish image

Maniatis Group

Prof Nik Maniatis

Marletaz Group Photo

Marletaz Group

Dr Ferdinand Marletaz

Seedlings of Arabidopsis thaliana

Mott Group

Prof Richard Mott

a teddy bear cactus in Anza-Borrego National Park

Murrell Group

Dr David Murrell

Gemma Murray Group Research Image

Murray Group

Dr Gemma Murray

Bee on flower

Global Biodiversity Change

Dr Tim Newbold

Fly Brain

Niccoli Lab

Dr Teresa Niccoli

jelly fish image

Oliveri Group

Pros Paola Oliveri


Partridge Lab - Biology of Ageing

Prof Linda Partridge

jelly fish image

Pearson Group

Prof Richard Pearson

Pigot group photo

Pigot Group

Dr Alex Pigot

jelly fish image

 Pomiankowski Group

Prof Andrew Pomiankowski

jelly fish image

Reuter Lab

Prof Max Reuter


Computational Cancer Genomics

Dr Maria Secrier

bird migration

Somveille Lab

Dr Marius Somveille

jelly fish image

Sumner Group

Prof Seirian Sumner

jelly fish image

Swallow Group

Prof Dallas Swallow


Microbial Ecology, Evolution, and Beyond

Prof Wenying Shou

jelly fish image

Telford Lab

Prof Max Telford


Cheddar Man

Molecular & Cultural Evolution Lab

Prof Mark Thomas

jelly fish image

Dictyostelium Research Group

Prof Chris Thompson

yabg research figure

Yang group

Prof Ziheng Yang