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People - Nazif Alic Lab

Nazif Alic

Nazif Alic is an Associate Professor with research and teaching interests in the biology of ageing.

Sara Javidnia

Sara Javidnia is a PhD candidate studying the links between longevity and RNA polymerase III activity. Her project is part of a collaboration with Dr Kuchenbaecker from the UCL Genetics Institute.

Yavuz Kulaberoglu

Yavuz Kulaberoglu is a post-doctoral research associate interested in effects on RNA polymerase III activity on ageing in the fruit fly. His project is conducted in collaboration with the University of Kent and University of Glasgow.

Mengjia Li

Mengjia Li is a PhD candidate interested in the impact of long-term gene expression programmes on ageing.

Guillermo Martínez Corrales

Guillermo Martínez Corrales is a post-doctoral research associate studying how gene expression changes triggered by the transcription factor FoxO impact ageing.

Abbie Rogan

Abbie Rogan is a PhD candidate (BBSRC LIDO) examining the health benefits of reduced RNA polymerase I and III activity.

Tatiana Svermova

Tatiana Svermova is a research assistant whose work focuses on the FoxO transcription factor.