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GEE brings together scientists with shared interests in evolutionary, population and environmental biology, genetics, systems biology, theoretical biology and human genetics and evolution.

Wildtype Sz. pombe strain

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Research Centres

Departmental staff are involved in a variety of cross-departmental groupings with members from the Division of Biosciences, the Departments of Medical Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Physics, and other London based institutes like the Natural History Museum, the Zoological Society of London and several other members of the University of London.

To include:

Research Facilities

GEE and the Division provide a number of research facilities in the area of Biosciences research.

UCL Sequencing Facility
This in house facility offers cost-effective Sanger sequencing and DNA fragment genotyping services using an ABI3730xl DNA Analyzer located in the Darwin Building.

UCL Nanostring Facility
The UCL Nanostring Facility has been established to provide access to the nCounter technology for the research community. The facility owes its origins to a UCL Platform Technologies Initiative Grant and it is managed by the GEE Department.

The Francis Wall Oliver Research Facility - Blakeney Point
Situated in Norfolk, Blakeney Point provides a base for ecological studies of the coastal ecosystems in its surroundings and is used for undergraduate field courses.

UCL Genomics
This central UCL service facility provides various kinds of high-throughput analyses, such as next-generation sequencing (454, Illumina, ABI SOLiD), microarray analysis or high-throughput SNP genotyping.

UCL Research Computing
UCL provides researchers with high-performance computing capacity including Legion and Iridis. UCL also provides access to STFC hosted Emerald high performance system. These facilities are accessible to any UCL researcher with high computing demands.

UCL Biosciences Research Facilities
The Division of Biosciences provides a number of central services for all staff

Research Groups

Professor Andrew Pomiankowski research group

Dr Nazif Alic Lab

Dr Aida Andres Group

Professor Jurg Bahler Lab

Professor Francois Balloux – Computational Biology Group

Dr Hernan A. Burbano Roa – Burbano Lab

Professor Tim Blackburn’s Research Group

Professor Helen Chatterjee – Culture & Health Research

Group of Dr Julia Day

Dr Christophe Dessimoz  - Dessimoz Lab

Dr Lazaros Foukas Lab

Professor David Gems – C.elegans Ageing Laboratory

Dr Garrett Hellenthal - UGI

Professor Kate Jones – Biodiversity Modelling Research Group

Dr Kerri Kinghorn (Research Gate)

Dr Karoline Kuchenbaecker (Research Gate)

Professor Nick Lane - Website

Professor Nick Luscombe – Luscombe Lab

Dr David Murrell – Ecology & Evolution Research Group

Dr Tim Newbold - Research

Dr Teresa Niccoli Lab

Dr Max Reuter – The Reuter laboratory

Dr Maria Secrier Lab

Dr Seirian Sumner – The Sumner Lab

Professor Dallas Swallow’s Group

Professor Mark Thomas – Molecular and Cultural Evolution Lab

Professor Chris Thompson – Thompson Lab Dictyostelium Research

Professor Ziheng Yang’s group at UCL