UCL Division of Biosciences


Group Leaders

We address fundamental questions in biology using innovative approaches and technologies. Our research interests span a wide range of inter-related topics, including animal development, stem cell biology, functional and evolutionary morphology, neuroscience, mitochondrial biology and cell signalling. Our research is focused on diverse organisms that span the tree of life, from worms to flies, fish and dinosaurs. CDB is home to several inter-disciplinary research centres including the Centre for Integrative Anatomy and the UCL Consortium for Mitochondrial Research. We have close links to the Francis Crick Institute, the Natural History Museum and the Sainsbury-Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour.

Alex Agrotis

Cellular degradation pathways

Marc Amoyel

Senior Research Fellow

Bill Andrews

Molecular Laboratory Manager

Gerold Baier

Senior Research Associate

Chris Barnes

Professor of Systems and Synthetic Biology

Arantza Barrios

Associate Professor


Caswell Barry

Professorial Research Fellow

Wendy Birch

Course Lead for the BSc and MSc module in Forensic Osteology

Guillaume Charras

Cytoskeletal, cell and tissue mechanics

Jonathan Chubb

Cellular decision-making

Pip Coen

Neural circuits underlying multisensory integration

Barbara Conradt

Professor of Cell & Developmental Biology and Head of Research Department of Cell & Developmental Biology




Philip Cox

Morphological and functional variation of the mammalian skeleton

Louise Cramer

Cell migration and education research

Stephen Whitworth Davies

Professor (Teaching)


Elena Dreosti

Social neuroscience of animal model systems

Michael Duchen

Professor of Physiology

Susan E. Evans

Evolutionary History of Reptiles and Amphibians

Alexander Fedorec

Biological engineering and computational biology

Ryan Felice

Morphological evolution of the vertebrate skeleton

Vilaiwan Fernandes

Glia Neuron interactions during development

Anna Franz

Exploring the roles of motile adipocytes in wound healing and cancer

Sandrine Géranton

Molecular Biology of Pain

Tom Hawkins

Zebrafish Neurobiology

Stephen Hunt

Neurobiology of Pain, depression and addiction

Robert Insall

Understanding chemotaxis and cell migration using experiments, models and mathematics

Eric Lambie

Function and Regulation of P-type ATPases

Philip Lewis

Systems Training in Maths, Informatics, Statistics and Computational Biology

Sandra Martelli

Hominoid evolutionary and comparative head, neck and spine anatomy

Roberto Mayor

Cell migration and differentation during development


Alessandro Mongera

Developmental Mechanics

John O'Keefe

The role of the hippocampus in spatial behaviour and memory

Sandip Patel

Ca2 signalling through acidic organelles


Romain Perera

Musculoskeletal Anatomy

Richard Poole

Glia-to-neuron cell fate plasticity and left-right asymmetric neurogenesis



Laura Porro

Vertebrate Form and Function


Stephen R Price

Cell adhesion, neuronal circuits, cell to cell signalling pathways

Jason Rihel

Genes and neurons of sleep

Patricia C. Salinas

Synapse formation, synaptic plasticity and synapse degeneration in health and disease

Claudio Stern

Developmental Biology

Gyorgy Szabadkai

Mitochondria in cellular stress responses in major pathologies

Masa Tada

Morphogenesis at interface between two populations

Francesco Saverio Tedesco

Muscle stem cells and regeneration

Geraint Thomas

Cellular Biochemistry

Chris Thrasivoulou

Light microscopy facility Manager

Tom Wills

Neural mechanisms for memory in development and adulthood

Stephen Wilson

Forebrain and eye development including nervous system asymmetry

Mie Wong

Dynamic cell migration in vivo




Yoshiyuki Yamamoto

Molecular mechanisms underlying morphological novelties during evolution

Semir Zeki

Organisation and function of the visual brain