UCL Division of Biosciences


Dr Bill Andrews

Anatomy Building Molecular Biology Unit
I am primarily the Manager of the Molecular Biology Facility based on the 2nd floor of the Anatomy Building. This facility provides equipment and services to groups in the Division of Biosciences. We provide a range of access options - from using the equipment yourself to facility staff undertaking experiments on your behalf.

Bill Andrews, Manager w.andrews@ucl.ac.uk

Tel. 020 7679 3368 Internal: x33368

Research Summary

As well as Managing the Molecular Biology Facility, I am interested in understanding the mechanisms involved in neuronal migration in the brain and to shed light in the aetiologies of some of the migration disorders in humans. While most of our efforts focus on interneuron migration in the cortex, we are also exploring the molecular mechanisms that guide the migration of Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) neurons from their origin in the olfactory placode to the hypothalamus. Our research has identified several groups of chemorepulsive molecules and their receptors particularly the Slit-Robo and Semaphorin-neuropilin/Plexin, in playing major roles in these processes.  Finally, we are also exploring the role(s) of these molecules in the development of the innervations of the heart.

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